The Tauseef Water is a part of Tauseef Enterprises (Private) Limited and a leading company which is serving in drinking water treatment solutions from domestic use to industrial requirements. Our intent is to improve the people's life quality in all over the world through enhanced access to safe & clean dringking water and healthy environement. The Tauseef Water has brought to Pakistan over 30 years of expertise in production, sales and O&M of following Water Purification and Environment Upgradation Technologies:



Micro filtration Pressure driven process for Removal of Particles greater then 0.1mm

Ultra filtration Removal of dissolved solids, turbidity and microorganisms (bacteria & Viruses)

Nano filtration Pressure driven process for water softening, decoloring and micro pollutant removal.

We Deals in:.




Reverse Osmosis

Desalination System

Water Research

Water Resorce Manangement

Water Conservation through drip/sprinkler Irrigations

Waste disposal technologies

Recycling of sold waste

Fruit and Vagetable Processing