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We are expert in treatment of ground, sea, rivers and stagnant water. We are manufacturer of domestic and industrial water treatment equipment and related accessories.

At Tauseef Water, we also deals in custom solution manufacturing according to your water purification challenges and needs.

Our expert engineers covers almost all major formations of water treatment process with in-hand knowledge and experience.

1. Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects
2. Cation Exchange Water Softeners
3. Drinking Water Treatment Units - Health Effects
4. Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment Systems
5. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Systems
6. Drinking Water Distillation Systems
7. Shower Filtration Systems - Aesthetic Effects




Our Products

We deals in a verity of products starting from a small pressure switch, water filters, domestic water treatment to heavywater pulling & pushing pumps and industrial water treatment plants.

Please contact us for your specific water treatment requirements and needs.


Commercial Plants



Miniral Water Treatment Plant


Alum doser 3 lit/hr dosage
2 nos. pump (1W+1S) (SS)
Activated Carbon Filter
MOC : SS 304
Pressure Sand Filter
MOC : SS 304
Reverse Osmosis System
Consist of :
5 Micron Filter SS-304 PP
H.P. Pump with 3 HP Motor
Pressure Vessel (SS-316)
Instruments & panel
Ozone Generator
Ozone Dissolution Col.
MOC : SS-316
UV Disinfectant
Storage tank for Pure Water

Reverse Osmosis Water Plant



30 Ton Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Equipment.
Single pass Reverse Osmosis drinking water purification system, water desalination machine for brakish water and borehole water.


1. Single pass RO water desalination
2. PLC controlled automatic system
3. Twin water softener with automatic backwash control system
4. Clean-in-place standby membrane cleaning system


1. FILMTEC 8" x 40" RO desalination membrane
2. FRP fiber reinforced polyster pressure vessel
3. Declorination infeed water chemical dosing system
4. Unti-scalant infeed water chemical dosing system


Reverse Osmosis drinking water purification machine, RO water treatment plant with
10000 liters per hour capacity.

1. Fully automatic PLC control starting system
2. With compound FRP quartz sand and active carbon filter to save space
3. With Chemical dosing system

1. Feed water delivery pump
2. Multi-phases pump 120m
3. Compound filter FRP vessel with automatic backwash control unit with sand filters, active carbon filter
4. Micron pp sediment filter stainless steel 304 vessel: diameter 400mm x 1000mm with 40" pp filters
5. RO membrane and housing system, RO membrane: FILMTEC BW30-400 type, 8040-3 FRP membrane housings
6. Chemical dosing system and membrane washing tank and metering pump system
7. PLC control system
8. Piping connecting system


2000LPH Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtering Machinery
Single pass Reverse Osmosis drinking water purification machine with Regenerable
resin water softener

450LPH RO Pure Water Making Machine



1. Made with reverse osmosis membranes (ESPA4040 x 2, 2 grade) from USA
2. System components:
a. 150kg quartz sand filter
b. 50kg active carbon filter
c. Multi-phase pumps
d. Booster pump e) FRP membrane vessel
3. Capacity: 300L/h, 25 degrees
4. Dimensions: 1,550 x 900 x 1,820mm
5. For commercial and industrial water purifying
6. Source water: tap water


300LPH Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtering Plant
300 liters per hour commercial Reverse Osmosis drinking water treatment machine
2 grade Reverse Osmosis water filtration water flow system.


1. RO membrane: ESPA4040
2. Copper pump
3. Hand filter
4. PP sediment membranes filter
5. Quartz sand filter
6. Active carbon filter
7. Booster pump
8. Water flow indicator,pressure indicator, control panel, etc.

Ultra Filteration System





Ultrafiltration or UF is a pressure-driven membrane separation procedure that helps removes particulate matter from aqueous solutions of that kind as drinking water. UF membranes typically contain pore sizes surrounded by the limits of 0.01 to 0.10 μm and efficiently excavate bacteria and nearly all viruses, colloids and silt. The smaller the nominal pore size, the higher the removal efficiency. Almost all materials that are used in UF are polymeric and are naturally hydrophobic, such as polysulfone (PS) , polypropylene (PP), polyethersulfone (PES), or  polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF). Aqua Treatment System™ UF membrane is made from high-grade polymeric PVDF to structure a hollow fiber membrane that is greatly durable and minor prone to breakage. The hollow fiber has a dense film on both the internal and external surfaces, forming a dual-walled structure that contributes to its power. In addition, its fouling hindering is improved by making the membrane surface more hydrophilic than the underlying PVDF polymer. In association with uniform pore size and outer-in flow, the Aqua Treatment System™ UF membrane creates a boundary sacrificing performance.



Domestic Reverse Osmosis Water System




  • Flush Type: Microcomputer Controlling Auto-Flush with TDS Display indicates the quality of product water

  • RO Water Output: 50GPD/75GPD/100GPD

  • Housing: 122-10W-1 Single "O" Ring Housing

  • Diaphragm Booster Pump with Adaptor 110V/220V, 50/60Hz

  • Pressure Tank: 3.2G Steel Tank



Build-in ultra-filtration water purifier


Filteration Stages:





5um PP Spun Fiber

To remove sand, silt, dirt and rust particles in water


Granular Carbon Filter

To adsorb the chlorine, organic matter, odor, smell turbidity


Block Carbon Filter

To adsorb the chlorine, organic matter, odor, smeel turbidity, and suspending particles


Ultra-Filtration Membrane

To remove pathogens and bacterium from water by using physical barrier filtration


Post inline Carbon Filter

To adsorb the odor, and adjust the taste


The UF-Plus Water Purifier is combined with PP sediment, granular carbon, block carbon, Ultra filter and inline post carbon. The ultra filter can remove the dissolved solids, organics, bacteria etc. It is easy to install and operate.